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Gray Computer Systems

Designers of custom electronics, firmware, software, and systems.

GCS designs and makes electronics and software. We have skills and experience in a wide spectrum of electronics and software needs. Our specialty, though, is in combining those skills into projects. Projects may be as simple as a washing machine with a single processor and very few operator controls. And projects may be as large as a remote oil well control and monitoring station with a local data logger and control panel.

Expertise Matrix

Phone: (918)760-3556

Gray Computer Systems
8502 E. 121 St.
Tulsa, OK 74008

The full spectrum of what we do


We have written enumerable applications on a wide variety of operating systems including DOS, Windows 3.1, OS/2, Sys-5 UNIX, and several varieties of Linux. Lately, there has been a strong trend to write web applications, and GCS is following suit. Web applications have some incredible advantages over standard applications and some drawbacks as well. At GCS, we have enough experience to recommend the best approach, the best appearance, and the best languages to use.

For a more complete list of experience among GCS, please have a look at the Expertise Matrix

Device Drivers

GCS has experience writing device drivers for DOS, Windows (VxD and WDM), and Linux.


We have experience writing firmware for a wide variety of microprocessors. Currently, we are increasingly specializing in Microchip products.

GCS has prior experience programing for the following processors:

  • Motorola: DSP56000, 6805, 68HC11

  • Intel: 8080 through Pentium

  • Zilog: Z80

  • MIPS

  • TI: DSPs

  • ADI: DSPs

  • Microchip: PIC12, PIC14, and PIC16 series, including USB.

Prototype Circuit Boards


By designing, laying out, printing, and etching prototype circuit boards in-house, we are able to save both time and money. Most simple boards can be made in just one day! More difficult boards in only one week.

We design and fabricate PCBs for a wide range of applications. We have many years of experience with digital electronics and CPUs. Recently, we have gained experience with radio transmitters and receivers.


We have many years of experience with robotics and motor controls. And, if we can't make it at GCS, one of our affiliates can.

Phone: (918)760-3556

Gray Computer Systems
8502 E. 121 St.
Tulsa, OK 74008