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Microchip Product Features

USB 1.0 GCS has developed two USB devices. One is an ICSP programmer. The other is a demo board with FORTH downloadable software.
USB 2.0 GCS has added PID and MacOS support to the Microchip USB stack.
ICSP GCS has developed an ICSP programmer which can erase and program 8-bit and 16-bit processors in a wide variety of target circuits.
Analog GCS has years of experience with ADC devices, including PIC 10-bit and 12-bit ADCs.
PWM GCS has developed several devices with PWM controls. Examples include a step-up DC-DC converter, variable voltage supply, and diagnostic output.
Timer / Capture GCS has developed several devices with PWM controls. Examples include a light dimmer using an SCR trigger and synchronized radio transmitters.
Oscillators GCS has used most of the oscillators available on Microchip products including: 32,768 Hz low-power resonator, RC, and HS crystal.
UART / SPI GCS has many years of experience with UARTs and SPIs, but has only used Microchip's UART in one design (an intermediate stage to developement of the USB-ICSP programmer).
DSP GCS has experience with a variety of DSPs, and is finally using a Microchip dsPIC30F2011 in an application.
RF GCS is currently developing RF applications using rfPIC devices.
I2C GCS did preliminary development of an I2C application that was never integrated into the product.
Ethernet GCS has many years of experience in Ethernet-based software, but as yet, no experience with Microchip's implementation.
CAN So far, GCS has no experience with CAN interfaces.

Programming Language or Environment

Many Assembly Languages GCS has experience with TI, Motorola, Intel, Analog Devices, Zilog, and Microchip assembly languages. GCS now specializes in Microchip devices.
C One of the most common languages used everywhere, especially in the core of Linux.
C++ An extension to C, C++ adds some convenient object-oriented syntax.
FORTH A tiny language perfect for small machine controls. GCS wrote it into a USB-ICSP programmer for Microchip devices and into a USB tester.
csh/bash/sh Linux includes several shell scripting languages. Each is a powerful method to run other programs in a wide variety of combinations. They are quick ways to make controls for other programs.
Perl A common programming language for web-sites, and a good way to handle simple file manipulators.
Java A great language to add software to web sites and for portability. GCS has written a few web-based Java applications.
JavaScript A different way to add software to web sites. It is more closely bound to the HTML in a web page than Java. GCS has written few JavaScriipt applications.
LISP A very high-level language great for artificial intelegence. LISP is rarely used except in AutoCAD.
Pascal An old language, rarely used for new projects.
BASIC An old language, rarely useful. It was resurrected as a method to add virus capabilities to documents and e-mail.
FORTRAN Most commonly used for scientific simulators or research.
Object/1 An obscure and rare object oriented language.

Operating System

Writing Applications

Writing Device Drivers


Windows 1.0 to 3.3

Windows NT


Windows 95/XP

Windows Vista

Mac OS X

UNIX (including BSD, SunOS, Sys V)

Linux (several distributions)






Parallel Printer






Modem/FAX (V.34, etc.)







Microchip PIC12F675

Microchip PIC16F877

Microchip PIC16C765

Microchip dsPIC30 series

Microchip PIC32 series




Motorola DSP (68001)