Sorry for slow response

We have to appologize. We had the intention of building up a good FAQ quickly. But after time, we slacked off. In the end, I've only checked the submissions about once every other month. In short, we may take a very long time to respond to anything you ask us.

Call for Questions and Answers

I've been thinking more and more about providing some information for potential, new, or curious Christians. And I want your help. One of the easiest formats for people to look for information is in an FAQ (Frequenly Asked Questions). In case you aren't familiar with an FAQ, I'll include a little one below.

Submitting questions (and answers?)

I'd like to start collecting ideas for questions and answers. If you have any questions you hear often or have yourself, please send it to me. I'll try to collect them into one big list. I might re-word submissions, especially to consolidate duplicates.
Name This is optional. I won't publish any names, but would like to know when several submissions come from the same person and whom to go to for clarification.
Section This will help me organize questions.
Question Any question about Christianity.
Answer I'm no theologian. So I'd appreicate answers, too.

Sample FAQ

  1. Churches
    Which church (denomination) is right?
    The fact is, there probably isn't any church that is 100% correct in every way. There are a few that are just 'way out there'. But most of the churches that are common are close enough.
    What makes a church 'way out there'?
    There are a few sure signs that a church has gotten way off track. Any church where members are discouraged from reading The Bible has lost it. Any church where the preacher is honored above God is just plain lost.
  2. Odd questions
    Did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons?
    Since the first two real Humans were created, not born by a mother, they didn't need bellybuttons. Like many questions, this isn't one that will change how I live. And it won't change my relationship with God. So, who cares?